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Vaibla Holiday Centre is retro yet modern holiday centre by Lake Võrtsjärv – the best place to forget your everyday problems and enjoy your vacation! It is 43 km from Tartu and 34 km from Viljandi.


Bring your friend or partner, mother or father with you. You can come alone or with a group of friends. Vaibla Holiday Centre is the place to experience the times that are never going to come back.

Our season lasts from 15th of May till 13th of September.




  • There are renovated rooms and modern furniture in the main house.  The 2–6-person rooms of the two-storey main house accommodate

  • The camping cottages with wooden terraces are located in a pine forest, a little away from the main house. Every

  • A grass-covered caravan park with electricity is located directly on the shore of Lake Võrtsjärv. You can get fresh water

Price list
  • Our season lasts from May 10 to September 16.
  • The price of the accommodation in the main house, Pine House and camping cottages includes breakfast.
  • The price of the accommodation in the main house, Pine House and camping cottages includes the use of sheets, a small towel and mini kitchen (electric stoves, dishes, kettle and coffee machine).
  • Accommodation is free for children under 2. Children up to 14 get a 50% discount.
  • A day of single accommodation starts at 14 o’clock and ends at 12 o’clock on the next day. On Saturday check out 10.00 a.m.
  • Discount prices from 10 May to 19 June and from 15 August to 16 September.
  • Pets allowed ONLY in camping cottages, additional fee 15€/24H.
  • Prices include VAT.
  • Vaibla Holiday Centre has the right to change the prices.
  • The renovated rooms of the main house have a toilet, a shower or bath and a big terrace or balcony.
  • Pine House is the holiday centre’s oldest building and offers simple accommodation. Pine House has six four-person rooms with two bunk beds and one larger walk-through room with five bunk beds. Altogether, the Pine House has 34 bed places. Washing facilities are approximately 100 metres away in the washing complex (toilets, warm showers, hand washing) and are included in the price. In front of the Pine House is a larger table with chairs under pine trees, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Võrtsjärv and the beach, which are only 100 metres away.
  • The camping cottages have 2 bunk beds and 1 couch to accommodate five people. Each cottage has a small terrace. Washing facilities are approximately 100 metres away in the washing complex (toilets, warm showers, hand washing) and are included in the price.
  • Camping area is directly on the beach on a territory covered with grass and a few trees. There, you can cook food using your own barbecue equipment. You can get fresh water and use the toilets nearby. Camping price includes the use of washing facilities in the washing complex (toilets, warm showers, hand washing).
  • The caravan park with electricity, which was built in the spring of 2012, is located on the beach area of Lake Võrtsjärv and accommodates 20–30 caravans depending on their size. Caravan tourists can use the beach pavilion located directly by the lake, where they can enjoy sunsets or observe ducks swimming in the bulrush. The price includes a place for your caravan, electricity, fresh water, toilets and showers.
Price list
Main house
PRICE per person            20.06-15.08
1-person in the room 30 €
2-persons in the room 28 €
3-persons in the room 26 €
4-persons in the room 24 €
5-persons in the room 22 €
6-persons in the room 20 €
Pine House 1 person  
4-person room 16 €
Camping cottages 1 person  
1-person in the cottage 24 €
2-persons in the cottage 22 €
3-persons in the cottage 20 €
4-persons in the cottage 18 €
5-persons in the cottage 18 €
Dog 15 €
Tent place for 1 person 5 €
Caravan 16 €
Caravan place for 1 person .3 €
Bath towel rent . 1 €
Barbecue with wood 3 h 5 €
Small barbecue with coal 3 h 3 €
Barbecue coal 1 bag 4 €
Fish smoker 4 h 10 €
Campfire wood 1 box 4 €
Sauna house First hour 40 €
Sauna house Next hour 20 €
Renting an angling kit 4 h 2 €
Using the boat ramp Per time 3 €
Renting a rowboat First hour 5 €
Renting a rowboat Next hour 3 €
Renting a paddle boat First hour 5 €
Renting a paddle boat Next hour 3 €
Taking a ride with a kale ship Price is negotiable
Pier spot for a boat 24 h 7 €
Renting the whole holiday centre Price is negotiable
Special offers


Have a memorable family vacation in Vaibla Holiday Centre by Lake Võrtsjärv. The package includes:

  • Introduction to the history of Vaibla and the holiday centre
  • Accommodation in a camping cottage or in a family room which has one double bed and a bunk bed
  • Breakfast (2 grown-ups and 2 children)
  • Use of kitchen, refrigerator and dishes
  • Use of a rowboat / paddle boat for one hour
  • Playing volleyball or badminton, a sandy playground for children
  • Use of fish smoker / barbecue
  • Swinging on the village swing
  • Free parking

Special prices in the period  01.05.-20.06. and 17.08.-30.09.

For children (until age 14) 50% discount. 

Ask for special price!

  Additional information and booking: +372 58 665 414 or e-mail: info@vaiblapuhkekeskus.ee

FISHING PACKAGE starting from 24 EUR per person

Come and spend time in fresh air with your friends, family or children on the shores of the gorgeous Lake Võrtsjärv. The package includes:

  • Accommodation in the Pine House or camping cottage for one night
  • Washing facilities (warm shower, WC, hand washing) in a separate washing complex
  • Breakfast
  • Three-hour use of a rowboat
  • Fishing gear
  • Opportunity to smoke or grill your fish in the evening
  • Introduction to the fish species of Lake Võrtsjärv
  • Free parking

Additional information and booking: +372 501 7337 or e-mail info@vaiblapuhkekeskus.ee

 3 NIGHTS FOR THE PRICE OF 2 FOR CARAVANS 72 h 32€* * Price includes a place for your caravan, electricity, fresh water, toilet and showers for two grown-ups and children. Additional information and booking: +372 501 7337 or e-mail:  info@vaiblapuhkekeskus.ee



Vaibla Holiday Center offers in addition to the accommodation:

  • Sauna – A log sauna with a terrace is located in the courtyard of the holiday center
  • Boat rental You can use the harbor or rent rowboats and paddle boats.
  • Catering  – Mini kitchen, barbecue equipment, kiosk, catering
  • Activities – Activities on land and in water

Company events for 50–700 peopl

In the hall, on the terrace or in fresh air

Throw a party on the shore of Lake Võrtsjärv

Hobby and children’s camps


AITÄHHHH ilusa jaaniõhtu eest! Kui nii saaks iga aasta teha,tõuseb VAIBLA jälle toredaks suvituskohaks ka teistele. ÄRATAME EESTIMAA JÄLLE! JÕUDU TEILE!

Rita Kuusk

Nädalavahetus perega oli väga meeldiv.


Special offers
  •   Vaibla Puhkekeskus valmistub juba 2018.a. suvehooajaks. BRONEERI suvepäevade koht Võrtsjärve põhjakaldal. Küsi julgelt pakkumist, et populaarsemad suvekuupäevad endale napsata. Lisainfo +372 58 665 414


Очень классное место. Oзеро в 2ух шагах,детская площадка.вче предусмотренно для наилутшего отдыха.