Boat rental

The boat harbour in front of Vaibla Holiday Centre has places for both larger and smaller boats. People interested in fishing or boat rides can rent rowboats and paddle boats. Guests can launch their boats using the concrete ramp next to the landing bridge. For larger groups we offer a chance to slide on the lake or take faster rides on a historic kale ship. Advance booking is required.   Price list for the boar harbour:

Using the boat ramp Per time 3,00 €
Renting a rowboat First hour 7,00 €
Renting a rowboat Next hour 4,00 €
Renting a paddle boat First hour 7,00 €
Renting a paddle boat Next hour 4,00 €
Taking a ride with the Kale ship  Price is negotiable
Pier place for a boat 24 h 7,00 €
Renting an angling kit 4 h 2,00 €